Twitter attacks Julien Blanc, racist “Pickup Artiste” who advocates choking strangers #TakeDownJulienBlanc

Julien Blanc Choke Opener

Julien Blanc Choke Opener

Golly, who could have anticipated this?

In the wake of both Gamergate and the Jian Ghomeshi revelations from Canada, it seems that significant portions of the world have had enough of international speaker Julien Blanc. I wonder why?

“Choke opener?” Yes, this is how he begins conversations with strangers.

As long as they’re women.

Blanc, whose website URL is, who works for Real Social Dynamics “The World’s Largest Dating Coaching Company,” and who charges $3,000 a ticket to his packed seminars, boasts 3,627 Facebook followers (no friends, apparently) and 7,600 followers on Twitter. He’s also got huge blowback on each, as the #TakeDownJulienBlanc hashtag climbs the charts all the way to 6,110 tweets since October 31 and commenters find their way to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Users of the hashtag assert (vehemently, and with his own photos and videos as proof) that his actions rise to the level of assault, and that he should at least be prevented from teaching these behaviours at the expensive seminars he conducts around the world.

Screen Shot of  #TakeDownJulienBlanc on 2014-11-03 at 8.38.24 PM

Screen Shot of #TakeDownJulienBlanc on 2014-11-03 at 8.38.24 PM


Blanc’s own hashtag, #ChokingWomenAroundTheWorld, is somewhat flaccid, relatively speaking, with a lifetime total of 178 instances according to analytics site Most of those have come in the last few days, from critics.

His Sydney Australia seminar Thursday sparked the reaction, which began Friday and went truly viral over Sunday and Monday. He had a seminar booked in Melbourne, but it seems the public outcry is having the desired effect.

The outrage grew so spontaneously and so fast that there is no official statement, no team, not even an Anon Op per se: it simply blew up on Twitter and kept going. Tweeter Jennifer Li was the first to use the hashtag. Li also created a petition to cancel his Seattle and Austin appearances; it has 12,764 signatories so far.

On the petition, Li notes:

Thank you to each and everyone of you. Because of your signatures, your posts on Como’s Facebook, and your tweets to them, they have cancelled Julien’s event:

You all are amazing, and have restored my faith in humanity. (And Como Melbourne has restored my faith in hotel judgement, I guess?)…

If the Aussies can do the right thing and kick Julien out, we can do the same and tell Julien and RSD that their atrocious behaviors are not welcome in their home country either.

I’ve updated the petition so it will go to the respective hotels that are hosting the events in America.

Once again, thank you for standing with women everywhere and letting scumbags like Julien know that it is not ok to assault women.

Reached via Twitter, Li told us:

I became aware of him because I saw a post about him on Tumblr. My initial feelings were rage and disbelief. I mean, it wasn’t surprising, this behavior, but it was atrocious enough that I went to sleep angry on Saturday night, after tweeting #takedownjulienblanc, and brushed my teeth on Sunday, thinking ‘I’m gonna take you down, motherfucker.’ The hashtag was just a knee jerk reaction for me; as soon as I saw that video, I wanted to take him down. I just added a “#” in front of how I felt. Total success would mean this group and Julien get so much bad press that no venue is willing to host them. I’ve been told that people are criticizing me, but all I can see is overwhelming support. There hasn’t been enough blowback for me to actually notice it. Blanc has not commented on any of this so far.

Li has now produced a video to help explain why she got involved.

But the hashtag wasn’t the first time Blanc has felt social media ire.

“When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this.”
Julien Blanc

Yeah, that should work well.

This video was uploaded by a Japanese YouTuber on September 17 of this year with the comment “This makes me sad.” Its title reads, in Japanese, “Whites rampage in Japan” and to date it has had almost a quarter of a million views. As for the Pikachu maneuver, he might as well try hashtagging it to fight blowback. Jake Adelstein, writing in the Tokyo Vice blog, says, “I will say that what he does in the video would most likely be considered a crime in Japan, most likely 強制わいせつ (kyoseiwaisetsu/sexual assault) or 準強制わいせつ (Forcible Indecency, Quasi Forcible Indecency). For his edification and that of anyone else who might want to emulate him, this is what the law says: A person who through assault or intimidation forcibly commits an indecent act upon male or female shall be sentenced to hard labor for not less than six months but not more than ten years.”

Pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow was also quick to condemn Blanc’s actions, posting, “Julien Blanc and Real Social Dynamics, if proven to be complicit, must be held accountable for any and all illegal actions as well as deal with financial ramifications that come from the message they espouse. From the pictures, videos and certainly from his own admission he has sexually and physically assaulted numerous women and should be prosecuted and their actions shown not to be ones that anyone should see as acceptable forms of interaction.”

To put the nail in the coffin, Buzzfeed Australia has a writeup with over 32,000 views in four hours, and shortly before the Melbourne venue cancelled his appearance, Qatari news site AlJazeera also posted a scathing article. It’s top news all over Australia, naturally.

Somayya Shazia, an Australian protest participant, told Buzzfeed, “What disturbs me is that he and his company are profiting from promoting rape culture and instructing men how to terrorise and assault women. The company’s attitude towards sexual assault is simply sickening. I want these venues to cancel his seminars as they are designed to actively promote sexual violence.”

Women’s rights advocate Melinda Tankard Reist told the Herald Sun that Blanc was “recruiting other men to learn sexual abuse tactics. There’s been all this debate on the epidemic of violence against women, there really seems to be a lot of awareness, and here you have this iconic hotel giving this guy a platform to teach men how to be sexual predators.” The Melbourne hotel subsequently had an emergency management meeting and cancelled Blanc’s appearance.

Outrage is spreading beyond the South Pacific and Japan, as critics locate his talk venues and target the hotels directly.

UPDATE: The venue in Austin has now cancelled his appearance there.

Featured image via Julien Blanc on Twitter

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30 replies

  1. He isn’t actually choking those women, they are not about to pass out lol

    Not forcing anyone to do anything


    • I guess thousands of people, including these women, missed the part where he asked permission. Lol.

      Also, please read the entire article, including the part where he talks about shoving their heads into his crotch. You do not need to present physical wounds to have been assaulted.


      • The feminists here missed the part where these women are fun and the feminists are angry miserable fucks who are insecure unconfident and lame. I mean I had to turn the volume up to hear the woman in the YouTube video.

        Also I tried to find a bio on “Raincoaster” and all I found was a one sentence really nerdy blurb. All I can say is that you also perpetuate the feminist bullshit because you’re a white knight who thinks this will get you laid.

        I ask you this. Do those look like they feel assaulted? The answer is no.

        Watch this video that shows a guy who is giving your arguments getting owned, and not only that, RIGHT AFTER he says she thought he was creepy and was violating her, he shows footage of her smiling and having a great time.


  2. …this is one of the last of his ‘steps to conquest’ or whatever he calls them (emphasis is all me) on his website:


    Now again, if you’ve done things right, you won’t have this problem. But in case you do, I give you my LMR-Shattering Techniques that increase your chances of sleeping with her (she may just need a couple more things from you, and I tell you exactly what those are)

    To help her that last extra step, she might need you to get her emotions going again (by changing her mood, not her mind), and I share with you EXACTLY how it’s done

    My personal favorite “go-to” lines I say to bring her back from her logical mind, and into an emotional state

    The CRAZY Sexual things you can get a girl to do once she’s in the trance of sex. You’ll love this if you have any fetishes

    How to pull a camera on her if you’re into that kind of thing

    LMR sounds a whole lot like date rape. Actually… the website reads a lot like the date rape / anti-women cult
    forums that Elliot Rodger had in his cache after his kill spree — “all women want to fuck, you just have to prove it to them”, that kind of thing.


    • Please do not state something as promoting the idea of date rape or the cause of a horrific mass shooting especially when you have no clue what you’re posting about.

      I will concede that Julien’s ideas and Jeffy’s for that matter can be out of line at times in terms of political correctness (especially the comments about how to conduct one’s self in Asia). Before discussing Last Minute Resistance it should be noted that a women is as ALWAYS a willing, competent individual. The idea behind discussing LMR is that once a man and woman are alone at their desired place of residence, a woman can often feel many different ‘logical’ emotions. These are not encouraged to be taken lightly though some (but certainly not all) are only social conditioning at its absolute worst.

      These LMRs can range from the fear of being slut-shamed by her friends, fear of rejection in the long-term for being ‘easy’, fear of regret by way of perceived social status; to name a few. Date rape as you called it, would then be through force against her will having sexual relations. That is NEVER what is taught and is an abhorrent crime that no person should wish upon another.

      Countering LMR is simply taking precautions (such as keeping music going [for enhanced mood] or not having bright lights on when you enter [again, to keep the tone]) and if necessary even more proactive steps to make sure the woman is comfortable with where the relations are heading. She could be afraid of what her friends will think and say a common line such as, “I’m not that kind of girl” or when in the middle of foreplay, “I’m not going to sleep with you.” Most definitively no one is encouraging the former or latter to be taken lightly. But who’s to say that two consenting adults who have spent an evening together with different social cues and pressures mounting up to sex have to stop the conversation there?

      If a man were to walk up to the same woman earlier and asked for consent to have sex then and there she would have said no and quite possibly initiated physical assault (slapping). So the entire night the “pressure” of the man-to-woman relationship has been mounting to… of course, sex. When the clothing comes off and everything is about to ‘happen’ and she says no, all that is trying to be taught is that often common psychological excuses are thrown out because a woman’s logical side can begin to take over and overthink everything.

      Julien (although I am not sure exactly what he teaches in his curriculum) is trying to make it easier for men to keep or change women BACK into the emotional (i.e., sexual) mindset that got them into the bedroom in the first place! It has nothing with actually pressuring a woman to have sex against her will. She may leave at any point if she so wishes.

      To those whom may say she could feel threatened and therefore feel forced into it, that is someone blaming their inaction on another’s actions. A hard thought to bear for some on here. Allow me attempt to explain in the context of an actual scenario.

      If a man is just, if he is of sound mind and good will: he would NEVER hurt or abuse a women in any way. There is no arguing with that (not to say a man is not allowed to fight back in self defense). If a woman went home with a sociopath then what difference would be made by her saying no and him then TRYING to improve her mood to where she dropped a possible social conditioning to continue foreplay and then CONSENTING sex… or when she actually means NO. A sociopath would still force himself upon the woman in that case for he would not care either way.

      What teaching countering Last Minute Resistance does is not date rape. It is a way for good men to make things comfortable (as Julien says CHANGE HER MOOD, NOT HER MIND) before sex with a CONSENTING woman even if in the last moments leading up to sex she begins to think her way out of the joy and ecstasy of the ensuing moment. I hope that better enables some to make a fairer depiction of Julien and “pick-up” as a whole.


      • Well, no. The videos Julien himself uploaded show him committing acts which, in the country where they took place, qualify as sexual assaults. It’s possible that grabbing a stranger and shoving her head in your crotch does not qualify as sexual assault where you live, but that does not make it acceptable behaviour.

        PS it’s advisable to READ THE ARTICLE before commenting.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 1. “…a woman can often feel many different ‘logical’ emotions.”
        Sure. Like, how a chick might think “hey, get the fuck off me.”

        Because, you know, bitches want it. They just don’t KNOW they want it.

        Thanks for playing, douche ball. Your buddy is a serial sexual assault predator.


  3. My anger is so great that right now that is all I can type without running the risk of not having my reply posted.


  4. in this country it is called assault and battery and if you fear for your life you can use deadly force


  5. This is typical feminist hate and white knight bullshit. And believe me the anti-feminist bullshit movement is coming, but this is not the place. Note Your article will be handled.


  6. Amen to this comment on the girl’s YouTube video which states “You are the most horrible kind of human. Instead of starting a movement with the intention to build unity between sexes, you start one that drives us further apart.” #truth #truth #truth #truth #truth.


  7. Wow, there are idiots out there that will defend a man’s right to choke complete strangers… Saying a woman in one of his videos looked like she was happy to see him is besides the point, clearly thousands of women are not impressed by his smooth moves of telling a woman to “sh” while he grabs her throat… And the anti-feminist movement has existed for a loooooong time now guys, let it die rather then make total fools of yourselves trying to advocate picking up women via degradation over any social skills.


  8. I have done some research on him and what I have found is pretty shocking. I have to say that I do not condone this guy’s actions and while some of what he says may be a joke or whatever, I don’t know, there was something where he posted a chart of physical and sexual abuse and he said “Might as well be a checklist…”

    A one off thing like this, maybe it’s like ok ha ha but like when the dude’s twitter is filled with shit like that.. Something is going on here.

    The other thing is that I believe when someone garnishes this level of negative attention they brought it upon themselves, and I have seen time and time again the guys at RSD getting into trouble with feminists.

    Not long ago Jeffy was in trouble with people over his reactions to getting last minute resistance from girls on OKCupid.

    I have zero problem with this dude being shut down, however I still believe feminism is severely incorrect because a lot of these women really don’t understand the dynamics between men and women.


  9. Alex, you seem to feel the only motivating factor for men to agree with shutting down RSD or agreeing with a feminist standpoint is gaining access to sex. This is not how most people in the world behave. At least some people genuinely want to live in a society, or world, where men and women have equal status, and while people are being coached to manipulate and coerce through physical prowess and veiled threats then you may as well go back to the cave man era. Except the evidence above also points to persuading the objects of your lust to allow/not prevent photography of sex or body parts, which, given the nature of the sexual liaisons being promoted, are almost certainly going on-line straight after. This is not a nuanced debate, there is a red line and I am not on the side that says “get rapey, its cool bro”, fuck that shit. If life is only spent trying to get as many drunk women in bed as possible, and forcing thai prostitutes to allow access to their bodies against their will, then it’s time for a new way of life. I’d like to see him try that shit on my wife, she would totally kick his face off. #WhatATotalCock


  10. Alex, one response that women offer when they are scared or don’t want to be “rude” by objecting is to giggle.

    “a lot of these women really don’t understand the dynamics between men and women.”

    …And desperate men who pay some douchebag $3000 to learn how to manipulate women into sleeping with them DO??? WTF???

    Why do men not ask WOMEN what it takes? Why do most men not do REAL work on themselves to be better human beings who know how to do the right thing?

    PUAs, and RSD in particular, promotes the objectification of women — which does encourage rape and murder. YES. rape and murder. Refer to the UCSB shooter video if you don’t get the connection.


  11. ” seen time and time again the guys at RSD getting into trouble with feminists.” they are getting into trouble with decent MEN and women from all over who believe in EQUALITY. WAKE UP
    “I have zero problem with this dude being shut down,” and “however I still believe feminism is severely incorrect” WOW what?! lol amazingly stupid.

    “you also perpetuate the feminist bullshit because you’re a white knight who thinks this will get you laid.”

    lovely intelligent language. what a guy! where are we? in star trek. “white knight?!”



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