Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for October 4

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil by Justin Kent

Happy Tuesday, kittens! It’s a cyber-and-politico-heavy news roundup day today, so settle in with a cup of something comforting, jack in, and prepare for your mega newsdump.

Make These 4 Assumptions about Cybersecurity (JDSupra)

Deadline approaching: crime reporting contest (IJNet)

Did Hacking Team receive Italian public funding? (PrivacyInternational)

Snitch early, snitch often says the FBI (FBI)

The 7th Underhanded C Contest is now Open (Underhanded-C)

Your Next Passport Could Be On The Blockchain (TechCrunch)

For Pot Inc., the Rush to Cash In Is Underway (NYT)

American Realty Capital facing criminal probe over accounting (Reuters)

Court Denies Motion to Dismiss State Secrets Case (FAS)

The Struggle For Nonhuman Personhood (JournalofEvolutionandTechnology)

ISIS is using American weapons; how did they get them (Independent)

UK Librarians protest copyright laws (TorrentFreak)

Virgin Galactic Is a Victim of Its Own Hype (WarIsBoring)

RBS To Use Criminal Expertise For Good (Dealbreaker)

A man tried to mansplain catcalling on CNN. He was rightfully side-eyed to death (Vox)

BlackEnergy crimeware coursing through US control systems  (TheRegister)

Improving imaging of cancerous tissues by reversing time (Kurzweil)

Making Robot Steering More Like Call of Duty Could Save Lives (DefenseOne)

Senator: CIA trying to whitewash ‘torture’ doc (TheHill)

Blame Paris: Thieves Cash Out Rewards, Points Accounts (Krebs)

What Black Ops 2 gets right about America’s Dirty Little Wars (WarOnTheRocks)

Navy intel chief’s security clearance suspended, can’t view classified info (NavyTimes)




Featured Image Tesla Coil by Justin Kent on Flickr

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