Numbers: The Comment Field


Tawdry Hepburn

 “I simply hold that it is difficult to make oneself understood, not absolutely impossible.” – Eugene Ionesco

The Comment Field

By Curt Hopkins

We find salvation in this:
Vulgarity as a right,
A colonizing meme, which
Finds our souls then overwrites.

What we are is agones.
Your ego is not enough
To establish your value.
Understand, the truth sleeps rough.

You chase it in discomfort,
You face it down at great risk
To your treasured self-regard,
Its path is through the abyss.

No truth is a priori.
Wishing cannot make it so.
Wisdom’s not received but earned,
Learn that to fight is to know.

So stop your empty posing.
Ring the bell and start the bout.
We’re drowning in self-esteem
And dying for lack of doubt.


Numbers is a weekly news commentary column in poetical form by Curt Hopkins. This poem was written in the Welsh form “awdyl gywydd.” It’s quatrains constructed of seven-syllable lines, the second and fouth of which rhyme. A syllable in the first and third lines rhyme (or slant rhyme) with a syllable in the second and fourth respectively. 

“Numbers” is an historic term for poetry, and also alludes to the numbers in programming. 

Featured Image via LuxuryFalls on Twitter

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