Geek Gift of the Day: The Complete Collection of IntelCenter Counterterrorism Wall Charts

  Got more money than you know what to do with? Um…than you know what with to do? Still searching for that perfect gift for the tactisexual in your life? How about a complete set of all 58 IntelCenter Counterterrorism… Read More ›

Blackhat: a Hacker’s Movie Review

Today’s review of Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” is by well-known activist and actor/producer Joe Fionda. Welcome to the Cryptosphere, Joe; I knew I’d break you eventually! “Blackhat” is an international hacker caper directed by Michael Mann, centering around a federally convicted hacker… Read More ›

Numbers: The Comment Field

 “I simply hold that it is difficult to make oneself understood, not absolutely impossible.” – Eugene Ionesco The Comment Field By Curt Hopkins We find salvation in this: Vulgarity as a right, A colonizing meme, which Finds our souls then… Read More ›