Watch David Bowie’s Darkly Beautiful 10-Minute “Blackstar” Short Film

Basically everything David Bowie does belongs here, he’s just so freakishly awesome, and his new short sci-fi film Blackstar is no exception. Rumours have been swirling about it for a year. Expectations are high for the man who is the brand who is David Bowie.

Here’s what Flavorpill says about it:

The visuals are every bit as odd and dark, from the opening eclipse viewed from the vantage point of a rocky, remote planet to Bowie’s bandaged eyes to a circle of women whose movements suggest a sort of demonic possession. But the image that’s going to haunt me all night (at least) is the moment when a young woman with the tail of a mouse opens the visor of a spacesuit and discovers a blackened, bejeweled skull.


Source: Watch David Bowie’s Darkly Beautiful 10-Minute “Blackstar” Short Film

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  1. Too cool. I’m a big Bowie fan and I think this album is going to be a serious highlight in his discography. If you’re not already keepin’ up to date with all of the news on his website, I definitely recommend headin over there:


    • Nice spam, very decent impression of spontaneity. I say “impression” because of course it struck me as spam and I looked up the domain registration. Because it’s actually Sony Music, I’ll let the comment stand. Far be it from me to prevent David Bowie from selling some albums!

      But a little disclosure would have been nice, Verizon customer


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