Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 19

Mysterious Stranger Glitch Art by Yebu-Tonu Tituro‎ in Glitch Artists Collective

Mysterious Stranger Glitch Art by Yebu-Tonu‎ in Glitch Artists Collective

Anonymous vs ISIS, round whatever round it is now. FBI pays 15,000 snitches to tattle on those pesky vegans. New app lets you beat the crap out of Donald Trump for prizes. All this and more in our Thursday news roundup, which has been specially designed to take your mind off the fact that it’s Thursday, all. day. long.

Enjoy, kittens! Don’t say we never did nuthin’ for ya!

Zero: the number of security experts Ted Koppel consulted for hysterical cyberwar book (BoingBoing)

Fundraiser o’ the Day: Sleeping Out for Covenant House (Kintera)

App o’ the Day: Trumpinata!

Manufacturing Terror: An FBI Informant Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot. Then the Government Lied About It (TheIntercept)

Watch these people control a shark with their MINDS! (Wired)

Bug that can make Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg quit his job (Techworm)

The World Wide Web Is Very Good—and Very Bad: You can find any fact (but many are false) and any site—except those that have gone missing (IEEE)

Pirates Submit Proposal For Universal Basic Income In Iceland (ReykjavikGrapevine)

From the Department of Totally Not Getting This: Americans threatening to move to Canada if U.S. takes in Syrian refugees (GlobalNews)

Kickstarted Drone Company Folds, Along With $3.4 Million in Pledges (Gizmodo)

Paris Massacre Mastermind Bragged About Infiltrating Europe in February Interview (Gawker)

Telegram — Secret Messaging app — Shuts Down 78 ISIS Channels (TheHackerNews)

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  1. thanks for using my picture~! just fyi though, its just “yebu-tonu” (not yebu-tonu tituro).


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