Operation Iron Torah: Israel Goes Old-Skool in Latest Battlefield Equipment

Tactical Torah

Tactical Torah

What’s that old saying? Never bring a Derringer to a Howitzer fight? Something like that. Looks like the IDF has taken it to heart(s and minds) and is breaking out the big guns in the (temporarily ceasefired, but who knows how long that will last) Rumble in Gaza.

Turns out Torahs for the battlefield are A Thing, but they are usually a Much Smaller Thing. There are, for instance, only about 60 Torahs in the US Armed Forces, although there are an estimated 10,000 Jews serving in its ranks, so there are a number of “travel Torah” initiatives, most charity-supported or volunteer efforts. The idea is to get portable Torahs into the hands of rabbis out in the field, in the air, or afloat.

Trust Israel to take that idea and go big. Silly Israel.

It’s not the size. It’s how you use it.

Image from 404.co.il via Twitter

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  1. you have got to be joking,lulz


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