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knit knit knit

knit knit knit

Oh what a tangled web we weave, kittens, particularly when we mistake our Bitcoin wallet ID for our public encryption key and…there, but I’ve said enough. Thank god I put it all into magic beans last week anyway.

And now, the news!

Estrogen rulez, testosterone drulez: women-led hedge funds outperform male-led funds (TheAtlantic) and you’d better believe we welcome comments on this. Please, share to the men’s rights groups! We haven’t had a good spittle-flecked teardown in the comments yet, so we’re overdue.

Speaking of which: Texas police officer’s Facebook rant against The Poors gets him sudden unscheduled summer vacation (WacoTribune)

Israel plots to hamstring the Palestinian economy (WikiLeaks)

Support NYT reporter James Risen and journalistic privilege to keep his confidential source confidential (RootsAction)

Two Canadians in custody in China, suspected of stealing state secrets (CBC)

Sig Sauer smuggles its German guns into Columbia…with the help of American tax dollars (Sueddeutsche)

The Panopticon as Utopia? Singapore is the test case (FP)

Gamification a Go Go: The Marines used DOOM II as a training program (WarIsBoring)

Assignment Flag Drive offers a new twist on the old hacker games (HelpNetSecurity)

C-level executives to be replaced by computer program. But who can tell the difference? (TechnologyReview)

Anonymous vs Israel: the roundup so far (BlackBag)


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