Job Post o’ the Day: Cyber is a Team Sport at the NSA



Got your resume in fighting trim? Always poking your nose where it doesn’t belong? If so, we’ve found your dream job:

At NSA, knowing cyberspace matters. As a cyber professional, you will become a part of a tradition of excellence, poised to lead the nation in the protection of our country’s national interests in cyberspace for years to come.

Cyber is a team sport. NSA seeks cyber professionals with the following backgrounds:

Apply today for a position with NSA as a cyber professional, and enjoy an exciting career within the dynamic, fast-paced world of cyberspace.

For all us old 90’s kids, the joke here is the most satisfying part of this ad. Yes, NSA, cyber is indeed a team sport, but short of being a cam boy/girl, I didn’t know there was actual money in it.

Featured Image by Giovanni on Flickr

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