The Correspondence of the Kemptville Cabal

Busted by the RCMP’s Project Servant, these former school pals reportedly facilitated the emigration of would-be jihadis to Syria. From frosty, small-town Ontario to firfights the Syrian desert is a long way. Only one of them made it, and he died there. The fate of the brothers featured in this correspondence is still up in the air.

Ottawa Citizen

The following report is drawn from police theory and interviews.

Accused jihadis Ashton Larmond and John Maguire are said to have met at an Ottawa college lecture in 2012 and built a friendship based on their extremist views of Islam, and allegedly shared a desire to wage terrorism abroad, according to a case that police say is anchored in wiretap evidence, including text messages.

After John Maguire showed up last December on an ISIL propaganda video declaring religious war on Canada, followed by the arrests in January of twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond on terror charges, it seemed like more than a passing coincidence that Maguire and Ashton Larmond had both spent time in Kemptville. But there was no evidence that they were acquainted, let alone collaborators.

In the culmination of a year-long investigation dubbed Project Servant, the RCMP in early February arrested Ottawa’s Awso Peshdary and charged John Maguire…

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