Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Sept 29

Drinksbot via the Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook

Drinksbot via the Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook

Have the android bring a round of doppios. It’s only Tuesday, thankfully International Coffee Day, and we can already tell it’s gonna be a long week. Where’s the damn bot with those espressos already? What’s Italian for “four shots and a straw?”

While we’re waiting for the bot to brew some life back into us, we can at least provide some reading material. Enjoy? Or is that too strenuous this early?

Top Story: Mobile Ad Networks as DDoS Vectors: A Case Study (Cloudflare) sounds technical, but absolutely unmissable. This is the biggest threat to your website right now, period.

332M Kick Ass pirates get asses kicked by scareware ass-kickers (TheRegister)

How to make 3-D objects totally disappear (Kurzweil)

What we know about Volkswagen’s diesel-cheating hack (ITWorld)

Why It’s So Hard to Fire an Abusive Prison Guard (TheMarshallProject)

Old fashioned detective work unmasks Chinese military hacker (Fortune)

Oysters tablet comes preinstalled with Trojanized Android firmware (HelpNet)

A Japanese Robot Is Learning the American Way (MIT)

The British Islamic State members sanctioned by the UN – profiles (Guardian)

Coolest story: There’s water on Mars! Spectral evidence for hydrated salts in recurring slope lineae on Mars (Nature)

The Pope Has A Small But Deadly Army Of Elite Warriors Protecting Him (FoxtrotAlpha)

Petition of the Day: Give Raif Badawi the Nobel Peace Prize (Change)

Woman, 99, denied citizenship despite living in Canada since 1933 (CBC)

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