Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for September 11

Apple Eye gif via Jim Cooke on Gawker

Apple Eye gif via Jim Cooke on Gawker

We made it to Friday, kittens! With a little help from a long weekend and a LOT of technical difficulties, the posting schedule has been inadvertently light at Cryptosphere Global HQ this week, and for that we apologize. Still thanks to our two-week-old debunking of the hang-Hamza-the-hacker-rumour, hits have never been better! He may or may not have donated $280 million to Palestine, but we thank him for the lovely pair of cowboy boots he bought us, if inadvertently. If it keeps up all month, he’ll buy us a new computer and solve our hardware woes!


And now, kittens, I expect you’d like to read some news, wouldn’t you? Well, pour a saucer of cream and get ready for the roundup, it’s a doozy!

Newest cyber threat will be data manipulation, US intelligence chief says (Guardian)

DOD Manual Declares Military Officers Have the Right to Detain Journalists as “Unprivileged Belligerents” (RebelNews)

5 security tips for businesses (and everyone else!) (NakedSecurity)

James Bond got conned (PublicIntegrity)

Internet Troll Arrested for Alleged Plot to Bomb 9/11 Memorial Event (Gawker)

How we cracked millions of Ashley Madison bcrypt hashes efficiently (CynoSurePrime)

Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked (DailyBeast)

First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email (ProPublica)

EU: Parliament just came out in favour of Snowden, open-source, encryption, digital freedom and anonymity (Hax)

World’s Biggest Data Breaches (InformationIsBeautiful)

2600 The Hacker Quarterly Accused of Using Unauthorized Ink Splotches (2600)

The Wearable, Projection-Mapped Mask Is a Cyberpunk Masterpiece (TheCreatorsProject)

They Created A Monster. A Mrs Universe Monster. A First Nations Mrs Universe Monster! (NewMatilda)

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