Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 29

Portable Hacking Station via Lifehacker

Portable Hacking Station via Lifehacker

Happy Thursday, kittens! Got your Edward Snowdenhands costume all ready? Or going as a Cyberpunk Senior? Me, I’m digging out my old mouse ears, a 5XL tee, and a lavalier mic, taping a couple of honey buns to my hands and going as Sabu.

Now there’s an image, eh? Have some news links as a palate cleanser!

Build a portable hacking station with a Raspberry Pi (Lifehacker)

Watch the Final, Dying Moments of the Runaway Blimp (Gawker) There’s a metaphor here if we’ll only look for it hard enough…

State Department’s Struggling ISIS Counter Propaganda Team Only Has 20 Employees (Daily Caller)

Hackers put up for sale 13 million plaintext passwords stolen from 000webhost (HelpNet)

Sonic! Tractor!Beams! (DiscloseTV)

Unraveling ISIS’ Turkish Recruitment Scheme, Witnesses Talk about the Recruiter (AWDNews)

Did the FBI really say “pay up” for ransomware? Here’s what to do… (NakedSecurity)

FBI Creates Halloween Revolt Hoax (RevoNews)

Amanda Todd Case: Aydin Coban Won’t Face Related Charges In Netherlands (HuffPo)

MySQL servers hijacked with malware to perform DDoS attacks (Symantec)

Groundbreaking University of California policy extends free access to all scholarly articles written by UC employees (UC) In case you think this is minor, this is roughly what Aaron Swartz died for.

Operation KKK: Anonymous’ Campaign to Unmask the Klan (RebelNews)

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