Piracy vs Plagiarism, What is the difference?

There’s a big difference between being an illegal blog scraper and sharing knowledge. Permission and honesty, for a start. Here, victim of plagiarism Kitty Hundal, along with Pirate Party activist Raymond Johansen, lays it down for you.

Categories: Hackers

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  1. Its not exactly like that when it comes to software piracy as people tamper with the software (keygens/bypass protection/crack/etc.) to modify it to be the same as the paid version.
    This is actually costing the developer sales they could have made and also reduce their exposure to new clients.
    For example, people searching for “X brand software” often find related search terms such as “X brand software crack” being shown in the search engines. This is a big temptation for anyone who was looking to buy it, especially with how easy digital piracy has become.
    In my opinion piracy in most cases is like stealing, with only a few exceptions.


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