Interwebbed Cyber & Crypto News for May 26

Robot Horse by John E. Robertson on Flickr

Robot Horse by John E. Robertson on Flickr

Welcome back from your Memorial Day weekend, kittens! I feel confident over-generalizing like that since most of my readers are US-based and the ones that aren’t probably could use an extra day without more depressing cyberwar stories anyway. But we’re BAAAACK!

Who knows how long we’re here, though, as this week we’re on the move, checking over a potential new mobile HQ in the form of a 30′ converted Ford Schoolbus. ’74, I think. If the whole thing checks out, we will be going mobile, roaming throughout North America looking for news and free wifi. Perhaps we should christen her the HMS Warchalker. In any case, it should be resolved one way or another within this coming week, and then we’ll be back to our regular schedule of posting. Until then, take what you can get, Cryptosphere-wise.

The Snow Crash-style hacker name generator (GhostLightning)

Sabu’s old handler gets a civilian job (K2Intelligence)

The King of Encryption flees the US for Switzerland, citing privacy concerns (Guardian)

Is your car spying on you? (CTV)

Enclavia, Europe’s newest nation, runs entirely on Dogecoin (Motherboard)

Second Best Korea orders all teens to install surveillance app on their phones. Teens comply. (TechWorm)

Teaching Encryption to be outlawed in Australia (Bitcoinist)

From Occupy to City Hall: Madrid’s New Mayor (NPR)

Numbing the Imagination: Can CGI regain its promise of fresh new worlds? (Aeon)

Terrorists! They’re just like us! (WarOnTheRocks)

Big data pinpoints the buyer of the $180 million Picasso (Wealth-X)

Why account recovery via secret questions is a bad idea (HelpNet)

Kurzweil: the secret to immortality is uploading your brain (Esquire)

Bitcoin is back in business, comrade (Pymnts)

‘We Are Always Listening’: Pranksters plant recording devices across NYC (USAHitman)

Did The #2 Largest Dark Net Market, BlackBank, Exit Scammed? (DeepDotWeb)

Mining Bitcoin with a 1959 mainframe and punch cards (TheRegister)

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