Allegations of RCMP wrongdoing on gun registry data destruction handed to police

And if the RCMP’s previous skills at wiping computer data are any indication, it’ll take some guy down at Mom’s Basement Computers about half an hour to find those records.

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  1. your version is all upside down and backwards. In Baltimore/Ferguson, a Black gets killed by cops – whatever the circumstances – and the liberal mass media is all over it, crying rayyyyyyyycissssm, stoking up an orgy of looting and burning. In Waco, cops ambushed and murdered 7 white & 2 hispanic bikers. MSM yawns…keep up the nonsense, cosmic Lefties. You will not get our guns, and there will be a reckoning


    • You misunderstand quite perfectly. It won’t be the lefties who start the revolution at all: it will be the Tea Party and the libertarian right-wing fringe. But the people who start revolutions are never the people who finish them. Keep working on that sense of butthurt and disenfranchisement, and keep stockpiling weapons. It is all working out according to plan.


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