Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for May 20

Cat Access by Matt Niemi on Flickr

Cat Access by Matt Niemi on Flickr

Claw your way through this, the meatiest link roundup on the intertubes, as we fetch ourselves another saucer of milk. We need to build up our strength for the rest of the week…

The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: This Prison Is Kind of Corrupt (Frontburner)

US Officials Leak Info About ISIS Raid More Sensitive Than Anything Snowden Ever Leaked (TechDirt)

Need a couple of new hires with insider trading experience? You’re in luck! (Dealbreaker)

Forex traders, including big banks, investigated for price fixing (MoneyWeb)

AOL 2.0: is accused of being a walled garden for the world’s poorest people (NakedSecurity)

Pre-thoughtcrime: Russian think tank app catches protestors before they protest (ArsTechnica)

How much money do cyber crooks collect via crypto ransomware? (HelpNet)

How Medicare Advantage investors made billions off loose government lips (PublicIntegrity)

Cyveillance Phishing Report: Top 20 Targets (Cyveillance)

Download of the Day: The Effects of a $15 minimum wage in Los Angeles (AFLCIO)

U.S .judge pressures State Dept. on Clinton emails release (Reuters)

The dumbing down of nerd culture (SimonPegg)

This detailed look at ISIS’s budget shows that it’s well-funded and somewhat incompetent (Vox)

Should hackers be tolerated to test public systems? (IT)

Bonus Download of the Day: Ethics in Investment Banking (CorporateCrimeReporter)

This Smartphone Microscope Uses Video to Spot Moving Parasites (Smithsonian)

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