Surveillance Reform Bill Clears House Only To Face Obstacles In Senate

Come on, Senate. I hate you, I don’t trust you, but I KNOW you want to get re-elected, so pass the damn thing already.
Note the EFF withdrew support for the Act, saying it’s flawed and unnecessary, since a recent court ruling. However, there’s a certain track record of the House and Senate ignoring court rulings when it comes to passing the bills they want.


The House of Representatives today passed the USA FREEDOM Act on a 338-88 vote. Despite receiving overwhelming support in the lower chamber, the bill will have to overcome considerable hurdles as it moves to the Senate.

The 2015 FREEDOM Act would effectively end the National Security Agency’s (NSA) bulk collection of Americans’ phone records. It would instead require phone companies to hold records. The move increases political pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to drop his push for a clean reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act provision that allows the government to collect the phone records.

The House vote on the legislation comes as Congress comes ever closer to June 1, the date that the PATRIOT Act provision that allows the NSA’s bulk phone data collection is set to expire. Defense hawks like McConnell are pushing for the provision to be reauthorized without reform, whereas privacy advocates are calling lawmakers to simply allow the provision to…

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