This dating app is using Facebook profiles to bust married cheaters

The days of the private detective are numbered, it would seem. But what about the people in open relationships? Is the app sophisticated enough to distinguish between committment and exclusivity or, like Plenty Of Fish, does it want to boot all non-exclusive-relationship-havers entirely?


We’ve all met one — the married person who’s moonlighting on Tinder or Hinge as a single looking for love. Just last week, a survey showed that roughly 40 percent of people using Tinder were already coupled up. (Tinder denies the figure is accurate.)

Hinge, a popular dating app that connects users to friends of their Facebook friends, had a similar problem. After digging through data, Hinge’s researchers found that 1.6 percent of their users were married or engaged. Another 2 percent were in a relationship. So they’re tackling the problem. The latest version of the Hinge app will pull self-reported data from Facebook into Hinge users’ profiles. If your Hinge match has set his or her relationship status to “married,” “engaged,” or “in a relationship,” that information will now show up to potential matches.

“While this seems low, we want to ensure Hinge remains a trusted place for finding relationships,” the company wrote on its blog.

Of course, the new version of the…

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