How a shakeup at the DEA could get you legal ecstasy

Can we even imagine a Puritan-free DEA policy? Possible changes ahead in the org chart mean potentially huge changes in society, as MDMA and THC may soon become more available by prescription and possibly without. THEN what happens to the huge numbers of drug users who are currently incarcerated? They’ll be freed, with a new, prison-worth skill set that we’ve gifted them. You’re welcome, society.


A wave of scandals, from alleged government-funded “sex parties” in Colombia to a federal agent accused of a bitcoin heist, has pushed Michele Leonhart, the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, into retirement.

Today, the Department of Justice announced that Chuck Rosenberg, currently serving as the chief of staff to the director of the FBI, is becoming the acting DEA administrator.

On the bright side, the shakeup—coupled with a surprising recent reversal of policy on MDMA, the chemical found in the club drugs Molly and ecstasy—has given glimmers of hope to a contingent that seems to be perpetually at odds with the DEA: those who want more testing on potential medicinal benefits of psychedelics and marijuana, and those pushing for overall drug policy change.

Leonhart was long seen by critics as a roadblock for both. With her out of the picture, some advocates argue, the path is clearing up for real…

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