Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 23

Liar's by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Liar’s by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Hacking is thirsty work, kittens, so here’s to the slow, easy downhill jog to the weekend. Today we bring you a deception-focused cyber and crypto news roundup. Your Facebook homies? All Feds. Nonfiction spy memoir? Fiction! That perfectly ordinary London road? Conceals a classic jewel heist tunnel! Read on for all this and even some actual hacking news!

This is some Ocean’s Thirteen shit right here. The first photos of the Hatton Garden Heist are released and…we’re pretty sure the thieves have got a Horta. (TheIndependent)

Earth Day and the rise of Cybersocialism; are technoutopians responsible for the fall of neoliberalism in the West and its rise elsewhere? Hell to the no: #BlameCheney! (Jacobin)

Things Eve knew: Adam was just a first draft. Scientists can now edit human DNA (PopularScience)

Twitter’s tamping down the violent tone of tweets, but will it silence ISIS threats while tolerating those of the IDF, the USAF, NATO, and others? (Gawker)

More than mountains and moonrises: here are 200 original Ansel Adams photographs of WWII internment camps for Japanese Americans. (OpenCulture)

That’s some cutting edge technology: the government is actually paying Feds to troll Myspace users. And yes, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But still…Myspace? Your tax dollars at work…playing ten year old emo garage band tracks. (CBS)

Learned helplessness, social dependency, fascism, and How to Overcome the Shock Doctrine. Your revolutionary longread of the day. (AnonymissExpress)

MP3’s, online piracy, and the man who broke the music business. From smuggling CDs to sell at flea markets to inventing a purely portable format, this is the story that made Napster possible. (TheNewYorker)

RIP Rosie the Riveter! (WaPo)

You call it a £570bn stock market loss. He calls it a £26m profit. Only problem is, nobody seems to know where it is. Meet the Hound of Hounslow (DailyMail)

According to well-informed reviewers, Gray Work: Confessions of an American Paramilitary Spy is more like Shades of Gray Work: Imaginations of an American Paramilitary Novelist. (Amazon)

It’s survival show star vs survival show star and the fur is flying all over Facebook. Exquisitely condescending report of duelling reality stars moving slowly from social media to lawsuits, in the (MilitaryTimes) which clearly wishes they’d both just STFU.

Duuuuude! This is radical! It’s Bill! From Bill and Ted! With a, like, documentary! About Bitcoin! Deep Web goes down on the Silk Road case and may get filmmaker Alex Winter a spot at TED. (CoinDesk)

The RSA Conference is on, and everyone is trying to give THE buzziest, most disruptive talk. This is it: The Security Industry Has Failed (HelpNet)

GITMO will run longer than Cats, if Congress has its way. Why, when Obama has sworn repeatedly to close it, is it still operating? (McClatchy)

When we say “welfare reform” we generally mean “in an attempt to improve the situation for those who would wish to work”. That’s not what government officials mean by it, and that’s not what is happening, and here are the numbers to prove it. (MotherJones)

Meet the Bots: artificial stupidity can be as dangerous as artificial intelligence. Imagine being ruled by a race of robotic Gomers. No, not the Kardashians. (Slate)

It’s not Lupus: in the realm of successful defences for charges of running a Ponzi scheme, “I have kids and lupus” just don’t cut it. (Dealbreaker)

Global Evil Masterminds, step up your goddam game! (also Dealbreaker)


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