Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 14

Paratroopers at Holland Drop Zone by Staff Sgt Sean Martin of the USAF

Paratroopers at Holland Drop Zone by Staff Sgt Sean Martin of the USAF

Welcome back to your cyberwar and hacktivism news home page! We’ve had a frantic couple of days of going mobile, but are now secreted in our new high-security bunker overlooking an undisclosed location and just around the corner from the pub. Let us, therefore, serve you up some scoops from the most addictive link roundup on the whole of the interwebs!

Practice Safe Cyberwar! Be Careful Where You Stick Your Cursor! (Twitter)

The Kremlin’s Hall of Mirrors (Guardian)

The Spaniards fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ElPais)

New Tool Helps Fight Bitcoin Extortion (CoinDesk)

First Hologram Protest in History (RevolutionNews)

Two Anons Arrested for Attacking Defence Sites (Cyberguerrilla)

Station de télévision exposé its own passwords on l’air. A Franglais report (Cluley)

Pro-Palestine hackers AnonGhost fund multiple Palestinian charities with stolen Israeli credit cards (Techworm)

Steganography in Kali Linux: How to hide files in a picture or audio file (Cyberwarzone)

Puerto Rico exports its drug addicts to Chicago (WBEZ)

Grassroots Lessons from Iceland (SookePocketNews)

Go Home, Wall Street Journal, You’re Drunk: The Wall Street Journal suggests Snowden gave China an incredibly powerful cyberweapon (BusinessInsider)

Bad, Bad Bank: Bank Uses Third-Party Tracking Script, Gets Caught Lying About Security Measures (WindyTan)

Go Home, Google, You’re Drunk: Google Maps hack shows Edward Snowden in the Oval Office (TechWorm)

Sextortion Hackers: There’s an App for That! (CyberCrew)

Joel Osteen’s church theft opens can of worms: Jaws drop as folks do the math (Examiner)

Anonymous Calls for March Against Homelessness April 15 (Cyberwarzone)

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