Everything They Don’t Tell You: When Hackers Talk To The Press (Ethics, Fiction and Fact)

Yes. “Reporting is social engineering” is as true as it is pithy.

AltSciFi - Independent science fiction and futurescience.

One theme (or “subtext”) of AltSciFi is to highlight the ways in which science journalism is often better categorized as science fiction.

The points and comments outlined below are culled from a presentation by well-regarded information security journalist Violet Blue. The mainstream journalistic world often misrepresents the work of information security professionals (“white-hat hackers” or “ethical hackers”), and the credulous, naive public is easily mislead. This can even result in harsh prison sentences based on inflated charges for absurd accusations of espionage or “cyberterrorism”.

Dade Murphy (Jonny Lee Miller) from Hackers (1995): ''
My BLT drive on my computer just went AWOL, and I have this big project due tomorrow for Mr Kawasaki. If I screw up, he’s gonna ask me to commit hari-kari! Yeah, well, you know… these Japanese management techniques. — Dade Murphy, Hackers (1995)

Separating fact from fiction enables us to enjoy and learn more from both. Then the blend of science and imagination…

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