A timeline of marijuana laws in Canada

In case the Canadian laws have you confused. Never transport pot over an international border, though. Just do what Hunter S. Thompson would have done and smoke it all before you cross.

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  1. Re: 1923: Cannabis is added to the Schedule of the Opium and Narcotic Control Act.

    This is inaccurate. The Bill was passed on the 3rd reading by the House of Commons without, mention, discussion or debate as an unspecified commodity simply referenced as “There is a new drug in the schedule.” – http://parl.canadiana.ca/view/oop.debates_HOC1402

    What was read and passed by the Senate some two weeks later on May 3rd, 1923, however, contained only a specific reference to “Cannabis indica . . .”, NOT “There is a new drug in the schedule.” – http://parl.canadiana.ca/view/oop.debates_SOC1402_01/420?r=0&s=1


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