#Anonymous #Sabu Week: Our review of what it’s like to eat Sabu

Sabu the Butcher, Son of the Bitch from FreeAnons

Sabu the Butcher, Son of the Bitch from FreeAnons

This contribution to Sabu Week is the final chapter in the saga of Sabu the pig. If you’ll recall, he made his first appearance on Thursday the 19th at the PAPS-organised Stratfor Street Party bringing attention to imprisoned Anons Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. He is now no more. Correspondents Sue Crabtree and Jahba Don of FreeAnons have chronicled his ultimate demise for us, at the table of Higinio, Kylie, and Brody Ochoa. We are grateful to them for this account of Sabu the pig’s last moments.

Way down south in Texas a bit,
A pig named Sabu was put on a BBQ pit.
Round and round he did go.
The Austin P.D. thought him quite the show.

Kicked from Stratfor in an activist word,
As they left shouting “Free Hammond,”
So old Fred Burton heard.

Sabu was taken to the park ‘cross the street
Where hungry people were anxious to eat.
The fire was blazing All warnings we did heed
It was much more dramatic Than a Daily Dot read.

Everyone was there but something was fucky
This roast was missing Dell Cameron and Stuckey.

Postcards were written to Hammond and Brown,
And all the while Sabu turned round and round.
The following day we were offered a taste
Of the pig named Sabu and we accepted post haste.

The dish was served and we all sat to eat.
We fought our way through the fat to get meat.

We washed it all down with a bottle of Fresca,
But it would have been nice
With a side of Judge Preska.

All was done and the cook left the kitchen,
Now that’s one way to end all the snitchen.

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