Welcome Home w0rmer! Higinio Ochoa III is Released

wb w0rmer

wb w0rmer

Anons and hacktivists rejoice! Higinio Ochoa III, aka w0rmer of C4bin Cr3w, is a free man.

Well, free-ish.

Having served nearly 25 months of his 27 months sentence for unauthorized access of protected computers, he was released yesterday to his family. It’s fair to say that this is, thanks to the tireless work of FreeAnons, the Anonymous Solidarity Network, one of the most anticipated hacktivist releases yet.

He will have to report back to his new residence at an Austin halfway house nightly. He’ll be housed there while making the transition from prison to civilian life, and then will be released on parole for the next three years. His wife Kylie and young son Brody moved to Austin over the weekend to ensure he has a well-established, healthy household to come home to. He already has a job offer that will enable him to support them all. There is an ongoing fundraiser to cover the costs of moving and setting up in their new home.

That’s all in the future. The first day, however, was for junk food, wardrobe changes, and good friends.

The hashtag #w0rmer has had 358 tweets in the last two days, with a Topsy-rated sentiment score of 89% positive. I want to know who those 11% are!

Sadly, there are still plenty of Anons, even as-yet-untried Anons, in prison.


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  1. Look at that: over 500 social shares and not one blog comment. Sigh.



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