Facebook Releases New Data About National Security Requests

Thanks, Yahoo, for starting this conversation. Words I never thought I would say, for sure.

The short form here is: Facebook admits that all the information they gave you before about how limited the government’s reach was…is bullshit. “We Continue to believe the information included in these reports was an important contribution…but it was limited.” In other words, it was not true. And now that Yahoo is providing cover fire, they feel they can inch a little closer to the truth itself.

Facebook Newsroom

By Colin Stretch, Facebook General Counsel

We are pleased to release new data today about the volume and type of national security requests we’ve received from the U.S. government. Along with others in the industry, since last summer we have been advocating for the right to provide additional transparency about the national security-related requests we receive. With last week’s announcement that the U.S. government has relaxed its limitations on what we are allowed to disclose, we are now permitted to provide important new information that we believe will help foster an informed public debate about the government’s efforts to keep the public safe.

The data we are releasing today should be understood against the backdrop of the transparency reports we have issued over the past nine months. Last summer, in the immediate wake of sensationalist and inaccurate media accounts of purported government access to Facebook user data, we published…

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