Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Friday, March 13

Ashamed by Arttu Manninen on Flickr

Ashamed by Arttu Manninen on Flickr

TGIF, kittens! It’s Friday the 13th again, so insert gratuitous bad luck joke here. While we’re waiting for you to chuckle at our randomly inserted topical witticism, we’ll give you the top news links to carry you through the weekend.

The Al Qaeda Files (TheIntercept)

Public’s access to government records faces roadblocks aplenty (McClatchy)

The Department of Defence is Hiring Cyberwarriors (DODLive)

Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices (KDVR)

How cyberwarfare began, 50 years ago (CBS)

The Ultimate Anon Guide (CyberGuerrilla)

Whistleblowers and the prosecution loophole (TheHill)

In related news: Why Wasn’t the Brooklyn Subway Shooter Arrested? (Gawker)

Canada denies claim its spy helped missing UK schoolgirls (theIrishTimes)

Redaction of the day: Ferguson Takeover (StLToday)

Bitcoin mining pools targeted in DDoS attacks (CoinDesk)

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