Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 9

#5 Connection by Giulia on Flickr

#5 Connection by Giulia on Flickr

Happy Monday, kittens! Are you enjoying your lamby-or-leonine March so far? Already sick of New Formula Easter Creme Eggs? I hear ya; it’s the biggest scandal to happen to a digestible since New Coke. The horror. The horror. Where’d I put that cup of coffee and soul-soothing Easter Turducken recipe?

AnonGhost Hackers Downed Ebay (CyberWarZone)

Anonymous Calls Out Twitter For Not Closing ISIS Recruiter Accounts (CounterCurrentNews)

With Decentralization, Where is the Money? (CoinDesk)

Sign-Language ISIS Video Looks to Snare Deaf, Mute Recruits in Europe (NBC)

21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online (Guardian)

“We’re all spies now:” CIA announces major restructuring (TheIntercept)

30 Most Powerful Private Security Companies in the World (SecurityDegreeHub)

A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist (TheFreeThoughtProject)

Spanish ruling elite accused of stealing €450m in state cash (TheTimes)

The CIA Says It’s Time to Up Its Cyber Game (Re/Code)

Canadian StarPhoenix reporter Jason Warick placed in custody for refusing to hand over notebooks (CBC)

Lindsay Graham has never used email (Gawker)

7000 Women, Mostly From India and US Create a World Record for Hackathon for Women’s Day (TechWorm)

Canadian jailed for refusing to unlock his phone at the airport (HackRead)

I was homeless: the musings of a marginalized man (BigPlantation)

The Anti-Social Network: Meet the Jihadi Social Site (5elafabook)

How a Dirty Police Force Gets Clean (Politico)

Who’s Tracking the TOR Activists in Spain? (Tor)

My Enemy is Your Enemy: How Anonymous and the CIA Can Tag-Team ISIS (SputnikNews)


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  1. America- Land of the free wage slave and home of the Patriot ACT.



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