WATCH: Hidden camera captures EMT stealing woman’s pain medication

Forget Big Brother. Little Sister is watching you!

Global News

ABOVE: Hidden cameras capture a Colorado EMT swiping pain medication from a woman’s bedroom 

TORONTO – A Colorado EMT has pleaded guilty to theft after hidden cameras captured him stealing a patient’s pain medication – right out of her own bedroom.

According to the victim, the incident took place this past July, when an American Medical Response ambulance arrived at her Colorado Springs home to transport her to the hospital after she dialed 911.

The victim, who spoke to numerous local news outlets, did not want her name revealed.

When she later returned to her house, she noticed a bottle of her pain medication had gone missing.

“I looked through all the bottles and thought maybe when they transferred me from my bed to the wheelchair it may have fallen out,” the woman told Fox 21 News in Denver.

According to the woman, a previous robbery led her…

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  1. I guess the Emerency Services are jus tryna add to the list of non tust worthy people that are needed in a crisis.


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