Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 5

power vacuum at the Cryptosphere HQ

power vacuum at the Cryptosphere HQ

Good afternoon, kittens! We’re having a slow start to the day Chez Cryptosphere, due to technical difficulties involving the power supply to our staggeringly advanced underground lair, as you can see in the above super high quality CGI reconstruction.

Nonetheless, the news marches on. Here it is.

Newest spytech is…garlic? Russian intelligence agency accused of poisoning Chechens in Istanbul (HurriyetDaily)

What kinds of encryption are _not_ breakable via Quantum Computers? (StackExchange)

Vigilante justice gone wrong : Hacker mistakenly hacks City, Police Websites two years after the cop he was angry with was jailed (TechWorm)

Keep your spam in the (non-internet-enabled) cupboard: Fridge caught sending spam emails in botnet attack (CNet)

US government still hunting WikiLeaks as Obama targets whistleblowers (Guardian)

Arizona court system has widespread data leaks (TriValleyCentral)

The Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive (CJFE)

The Assassination of Boris Nemtsov: Kremlin’s Biggest Critic (Vice)

Meet Casper: Yet Another Malware Likely Created by France for Surveillance (Motherboard)

Breaking down Snowden’s personal security devices (Cryptome)

Decoding ZeuS Disguised as an .RTF File (Phishme)

“Live” Zombie Invasion Tracker (ZombieTown)

TOR users must provide phone number to Twitter (TechCrunch)

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