Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 6

Zombie Virus by arbyreed on Flickr

Zombie Virus by arbyreed on Flickr

You made it to Friday, kittens! Raise a glass of something cheerful, even if only chamomile tea: the weekend is almost here! Now let’s give you all the headline news you need to sound like the most fascinating person at the dinner party/bush bash/warden’s hoe-down this weekend. Enjoy…if neither you nor your employer is on this list, that is.

How unsafe WAS Hillary Clinton’s email setup? (Gawker)

Leaker favoritism: Petraeus and Snowden: Both Leakers of Classified Material, Same Punishment? (TruthOut)

Quebec resident Alain Philippon to fight charge for not giving up phone password at airport (CBC)

Adobe, ten years too late, launches bug bounty program, pays in … well, nothing, really (ZDnet)

Barrett Brown & Jeremy Hammond – The High Price of Hacktivism (Deepcor)

World’s nastiest exploit kit just got nastier (TheRegister)

Smart Drugs are Back! I tried Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘brain-enhancing’ drugs (Fusion)

NASA research suggests Mars once had more water than Earth’s Arctic ocean (NASA)

Password horror stories (PRWire)

Police probe video of possible data hack at the National Archives (TheHill)

Pentagon to focus more on hack-proofing weapons (Reuters)

Officer Darren Wilson cleared by the Justice Department (WaPo)

The family of Michael Brown is going to do to Darren Wilson what the family of Nicole Brown Simpson did to OJ (Vox)

The FCC, the Internet and Net Neutrality (CounterPunch)

Paging Columbo! Colombian ex-spy head convicted over wiretapping scandal (IntelNews)

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Website Hacked by Pro-Palestinian Hackers (HackRead)

Revealing Anonymous and its web of contradictions (Passcode)

On International Women’s Day, A Lesson From Asia’s Unsung Female Activists (TheWeeklyWonk)

Who ‘owns’ an investigation into a security breach? (ITWorld)

The best exploit kit on the market: Angler EK hijacks domain registrant credentials to create malicious pages (SCMagazine)

Virginia teen co-founder of BitCoin El Arab exchange arrested for alleged ISIS link (CoinTelegraph)

Bitcoin Tipping Service Bans User For Attempted Donation to Islamic State (CoinDesk)


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