Sentencing hearing for men in Ponzi scheme

Believe it or not, Ponzi schemes are HUGE in Canada, where we do not have RICO statutes to club them over the head with. Although the schemes may be based here, they often prey on victims from other nations, particularly the US.

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  1. Fan koo,really interesting piece.
    RICO does seem to get used where maybe a lesser charge may have been moar applicable;it’s something we also use here in England,or something like it,we are lucky enough,*tries to remain straight faced*,to have SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Association),which operates under pretty much the same standard of thinking as the RICO Statute,but it can be a mallet used to crack a nut sometimes.Although we hve some need for SOCA here ,there isn’t the scope here for organised crime on the level that exists on the American Continent.
    But as for the article,it was interesting ,keep up your great work.


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