Domestic Terror: #Anonymous’ #OpDeathEaters Responds to Arrest of Daniel Rosen, State Department Counterterrorism Capo

OpDeathEaters via YourAnonCentral on Tumblr

OpDeathEaters via YourAnonCentral on Tumblr

Anonymous, that group of masked “terrorists” who have taken on everything from ISIS to tiger hunters to high school bullies to the credit card industry has a new target this week. That would be Daniel Rosen, the US State Department’s Director of Counterterrorism Programs and Policy, and a natural enough target for payback from the hacktivists whom he has targeted, but business-as-usual hostility aside, there’s a whole new reason that the swashbuckling collective has this senior government official in its sights. His arrest Tuesday on charges of soliciting sex from a minor falls squarely within the scope of #OpDeathEaters, the enormous international operation to identify, expose, and remove pedophiles from positions of power in the elites of world governments.

Rosen is being held without bail and extradited to Virginia to face the charges. His phone was wiretapped, and the underage girl he thought he was talking to was in reality a Fairfax County police officer. His security clearance has been suspended and he has been put on administrative leave. As yet there is no word on whether he used state department phone lines to commit the alleged crimes.

In response to our query, the American branch of OpDeathEaters has issued a statement on the arrest, uploaded to Pastebin as well as forwarded to us.

We find instances of high-level pedosadism alarming, and are wondering why the DoJ, Secret Service, and State Department allow this activity to go unnoticed. Daniel Rosen used a [government?] computer to solicit sex from what he thought was a child, and was caught by Virginia County Police–not by the FBI, DoJ, or Secret Service. He is merely the latest example of the DoJ’s apparent lack of concern about pedosadism in its ranks. Rosen has been in place as Director of Counter-terrorism Programs & Policy at the U.S. State Dept since 2008, and necessarily has access to global intelligence systems. His speeches show an implausible, suspicious naivety around the use of social media to recruit young people, and his position puts him at risk of being blackmailed. Jim DeFoggi, Cyber Security Director of HHS in Omaha, was engaged  in producing child pornography and wanted to “meet with” makers of child snuff (murder) films. Most pedosadism cases involving government or military personnel end in plea bargains for light sentences–DeFoggi’s sentence is a rare but welcome departure from this norm.

#OpDeathEaters’ mission is to obtain enough evidence of collusion and/or cover-ups to call for a People’s Inquiry into the huge–and rapidly growing–global problem of child predation–and there is so much evidence. To name just a few examples: Some states, such as Georgia focus exclusively on families as the only source of pedosadism; but, they do not require military personnel found guilty of pedosadism to be listed in a sex offender registry. The Pentagon allowed the statute of limitations to expire on 1,700 members found with child pornography [with no prosecutions?]–how many of members of the military were producers of it? The USA was even put on notice by the UN Human Rights Commission about the FBI’s focus on arresting low-level pedosadists without going to the top.

@OpDeathEatersUS focuses on the USA, population of more than 321 million, and producer of 68% of the globe’s child pornography. To create child pornography, the torture of children is required. The predatory landscape here is immense, as are the enabling mechanisms in law and legislation. Remember DynCorp trafficking in the Balkins? They were never removed as a military logistics supplier, and have current contracts in, among other locations, Afghanistan and Iraq. Because the arena here in the USA is so large, we need to focus only on cases of high-level corruption and support mechanisms, which means that we cannot explore the full scope of pedosadism in the USA. But make no mistake, our work and the work of other OpDeathEaters accounts worldwide will ultimately lead to an independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiry/tribunal into the child trafficking and paedosadist industry.

As the Daily Beast pointed out, he’s the third such high-level official to be recently arrested for the same kind of crime. A spokesman for the Fairfax County Police said, “There are no other known involved parties or associated arrests,” but Anonymous and the Daily Beast beg to differ.

The old media saying goes: two can be a coincidence; three is a trend.

Jesse Ryan Loskarn, formerly chief of staff to Lamarr Alexander, hanged himself while awaiting trial on child pornography charges. He had been arrested in December of 2013. George Hristovski, an inspector at the Department of Homeland Security, was arrested and charged with attempted production of child pornography and attempted enticement of a minor. That event took place in August of 2014. Republican fundraiser Michael Centanni was caught in 2014 in possession of a reported 7,000 apparently home-made child pornography videos, and pled guilty to possession of 267 of them. As reported by the Washington Examiner, “Many of Centenni’s Facebook postings before his Oct. 30 arrest concerned pedophilia and incest, always from a religious conservative viewpoint…he linked to a column in the New York Times headlined ‘Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime.’ ‘So here we see the seeds of normalization,’ he wrote. ‘Forty years ago, this article was written and the term pedophile and related terms [were] instead homosexual.'” Ironically, his position that pedophilia is in fact a crime is perfectly in line both with OpDeathEaters and with the prosecutor in his case.

Across the ocean OpDeathEaters is racking up a body count as well, as entire rings of well-connected pedophiles are being exposed and brought to trial or, on occasion, being exposed and then waffled over endlessly while Anonymous holds their feet to the fire and keeps their names in the headlines. We reached out international activist Heather Marsh for background on OpDeathEaters as a global movement.

When we first heard about OpDeathEaters, we thought “a global conspiracy of the 1% trading children for depraved and sadistic uses, and using their near-limitless power to hush it up? Well, if it’s real, it’s probably too powerful, too connected, and too rich to ever be exposed.”

Boy, were we wrong.

“The Death Eaters are a fully functioning, international society with their own social norms, networks and relationships,” Marsh explained. “It is not accurate to lump them together with all paedosadists. They are within the ruling social stratum. There are low-level criminals being used as tools but the direction for all this could only come from the top and it was obviously both known to and covered up by a large part of the social group. I think it would be fair to call it cultural, not for the UK but for that strata of society internationally, and this should come as no surprise at all to anyone. We see these people torture and murder children every day as affairs of state. It was naive to think they would stop when they left work. Many people are looking for a cult behind this. Some probably belong to recognized cults but I think it is more an affect of a society which rewards sociopathy at the very top, it is not surprising to find them all there. Simply arresting them would be futile. This is generations old and cultural, we need far deeper change.”

Interestingly, although the operation was born from OpGabon, which exposed ritual child abuse and sacrifice among Gabon’s ruling class, the Gabonese themselves maintain that the practice was imported from Europe. Marsh told us, “People I talk to in Gabon associate ritual killings with the ruling class and specifically with institutions imported from France.”

OpDeathEaters has at its core the exposure and end of child sexual abuse by the ruling elites, but it’s not as simple as that. “The goals are progressive,” explains Marsh. “The first goal is to counter the horrific propaganda coming out of the UK media which is trying to depict this as ‘child sex’ or ‘child love,’ and an individual [psychological] problem which requires societal tolerance and understanding. People must understand first that the Child Sex Abuse inquiry is actually about rape, torture and murder, not just of children, and it is across an entire social strata. The second goal is to bring in all of the other countries and connect the networks we are aware of to show the international nature and scope of the problem. Once people understand that a UK inquiry which leaves out Northern Ireland, Jersey, the Netherlands and everywhere else is not sufficient even for the UK aspects, and that complicity ranges everywhere from the UN to intelligence, national and international police, politicians, NGOs, every institution we would normally rely on to investigate this, then we need to create an international, independent, victim-led inquiry. The research and education are first, then there will have to be international action. None of these people are going to investigate and prosecute themselves.”

“The alternative to an international, independent, victim-led inquiry is to accept the recreational torture and murder of our children by those in power.”

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