Newsweek Twitter, others hacked by CyberCaliphate

It’s looking more and more like the CyberCaliphate and the Syrian Electronic Army are the same people (or at least sharing a playbook).

WASHINGTON — CyberCaliphate, a group claiming ties to ISIS, appears to have hacked multiple twitter accounts and the breaking news system of a Maryland television station.

The Twitter feeds of Newsweek and veterans’ group Military Spouses of Strength were hacked Tuesday morning by a group identifying itself as CyberCaliphate, the same organization that was confirmed to have hacked the twitter account for U.S. Central Command earlier this year. According to Newsweek,, the website of the International Business Times, was also hacked.

The group posted threatening tweets against First Lady Michelle Obama and others, and photos on the two pages that were similar to the postings on the hacked @CentComm twitter feed.

Newsweek Managing Editor Kira Bindrim confirmed the hack in a statement, and said they had regained control of the account.

“We apologize to our readers for anything offensive that might have been sent from our account during that…

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  1. A caliphate has to have a religious leader,and I very much doubt that the twitter branch of ISIS has a religious leader/imam at the ready,it’s just a fancy pants name.


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