Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 10

Highway Lights by Dirk Gently on flickr

Highway Lights by Dirk Gently on Flickr

Happy Tuesday afternoon, kittens! Travel day chez Cryptosphere, so today will be light, posting-wise. We’ve already got a couple of reblogs up, and we’ll probably serve you another lulzvideo and a manifesto, but that OpISIS tome we’ve been working on will have to wait another day.

Your humble editor is currently beverage-less, so she is relying on you all to do her caffeine ingestion for her. Will you do that? Will you upsize to a Venti in the name of raincoaster? Yes, yes, you must. Solidarity forever! or at least until the coffee runs out!

How (Most Of) The GITMO Diary Escaped Censors (TheIntercept)

New Ways to Steal an ATM PIN Code (LatestHackingNews)

Revenge Porn Site Master Faces 20 Years (AnonHQ)

The Lost Counterculture (Jacobin)

Self-Proclaimed White Hat Hacker Releases 10 Million Username/Passwords (PopularScience)

Someone in the Canadian Military is Changing Rehtaeh Parsons’ Wikipedia Page to Lies (CTV)

Whistleblower? Thief? Hero? Introducing the Source of the Data that Shook HSBC (ICIJ)

Spies be Spying: It’s What They Do; Obama’s Surveillance Reform Theater (CounterPunch)

Lessons Learned from Data Breaches and File-names (SecurityWeek)

South Korea’s ex-spy chief jailed for interfering in elections (IntelNews)

Meet Memex, the search engine DARPA is creating to index the Dark Web (DeepDotWeb)

Magistrate Judge Shoots Down Government’s Attempt To Gag Yahoo Indefinitely Over Grand Jury Subpoenas (TechDirt)

“Stop Supporting ISIS”: Anonymous Kurdistan Hacks Turkish Govt. Websites (HackRead)

Is Anonymous liberating gas prices in the Name of the People? (TrendMicro)

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