Tours Of Sony’s Culver City Lot Suspended Amid Hack Attack

Now this is interesting. Looks like they’re going for the full reimbursement package from their insurance company, sort of the way if your car isn’t quite totalled you might just push it over the cliff.


With Sony Pictures under a cyber attack that escalated to physical threats, the studio quietly has cancelled the guided tours of its backlot in Culver City. “We’re not doing the tours right now,” an official in the tours office said today. “We’re dealing with a major software issue.” The tours are slated to resume on January 5, a rep for the studio said. The two-hour walking tour gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at a working studio, including visits to stages where The Wizard Of Oz and Spider-Man were filmed and where Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are taped.

Despite Sony’s unprecedented move to cancel the release of The Interview because of terrorist threats to blow up theaters, security is still surprisingly lax at Sony Pictures Plaza, the beautiful glass pyramid building that had been the starting point for the tours, a…

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