Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 18

Elf on the Shelf and in the NSAs back pocket

Elf on the Shelf and in the NSA’s back pocket

Aha! We knew he was working for someone!

Well, kittens, now that we’ve cracked that case, let’s turn our eyes to other outrages and crimes against humanity, by which we mean everything from Assange’s Santa beard on down.

Eggnog in hand? Butt in chair? Excellent! Let’s begin.

Elf on the Shelf conditions kids to accept the surveillance state (EAGNews)

The Creepy, Kitschy and Geeky Patches of US Spy Satellite Launches (SmithsonianMag)

Remember to update your software before 2038 or you could face Y2K 2.0! (DailyMail)

Corporate blog posts, the stakes have been raised (TechCrunch)

So, I raised a Bigfoot (CryptozoologyNews)

Augmented Reality app lets you leave messages on streetcorners (NewScientist)

Skype translator is live (TheVerge)

The latest twist in the bizarre prosecution of Barrett Brown (TheIntercept)

#AskACop if this was a good idea (PoliticusUSA)

San Jose police officer and Second Amendment enthusiast gets a time-out for Facebook threats (ABC)

Privacy advocates unmask Twitter troll (Guardian)

Canadian ISP decreases internet speeds by 40% (OpenMedia)

Barrett Brown case smacks of oppression (DallasNews)

Barrett Brown placed in solitary because of Aryan Nation threats (DMagazine)

Barrett Brown’s first communique from prison (Pastebin)

Florida Group Faces Fraud Charges for Alleged Altcoin Pump and Dump (CoinDesk)

The Pirate Bay’s Facebook page is TANGODOWN (TorrentFreak)

ICANN get hacked, apparently (TechWorm)

Logical Positivists rejoice! The universe is a hologram (Nature)

Greening the computer, by the NSA (NSA)

NYPD sued over LRAD deployment on marchers (Cryptome)

How self-tracking apps exclude 50% of the population (TheAtlantic)

PR pro needs PR pro after DDoSing news site (ElPais)

The Underwear Bomber was working for the CIA (Guardian)

Witness 40: Exposing a fraud in Ferguson (TheSmokingGun)

Ars Technica Vita Brevis (TheVerge)

Delta airline vulnerability lets you change your ticket for any other: even a different airline (Medium)



Featured Image via the Vancouver Police Department on Facebook

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