WATCH: Mexican man arrested in Peru, allegedly tried to smuggle cocaine inside 2 St. Bernard dogs

Guess they’re giving up on mules, cosmetic surgery addicts, and undergraduates with big debts to pay.

Global News

WARNING: The above video may disturb some viewers. Please watch at your own discretion.

LIMA, Peru – Peruvian police have arrested a Mexican man accused of trying to smuggle about 2.9 kilograms of cocaine to his country inside the bellies of two St. Bernard dogs.

Local police chief Basilio Grossman said the drugs were placed inside the bodies of the large dogs during an operation in a hotel room.

One of the dogs has since died.

Police veterinarians removed bags of drugs from a male dog named Bombon and a female called Lola. They suffered from grave peritonitis, an infection of the tissue lining the abdomen’s inner
wall, as well as high fevers and vomiting.

Authorities on Thursday afternoon arrested 22-year-old Giussepe Tombolan, who arrived in Peru with the dogs several weeks before.

Grossman said it was the first time Peruvian authorities had discovered someone trying to smuggle drugs inside…

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