Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 25

Spitfires and Hurricanes Flying in Formation Over Lincolnshire

Spitfires and Hurricanes Flying in Formation Over Lincolnshire

Only a month till Christmas, kittens! You can get us anything from the Free Anons, WikiLeaks, or Welcome to Night Vale stores. Including Jeremy Hammond, Julian Assange, or Cecil the Radio Announcer. Even though he is gay and will never love me, but we could come to some mediagenic compromise and become the biggest power couple the Greater Desert Bluffs region has ever known!

Where was I? Right, having trouble focusing for some reason. Here are some news links to sharpen me up for the day. You might as well read them too.

Judges to ATF: Maybe Setting People Up For Felonies Isn’t What The Bureau Is For? (LATimes)

Irony Alert: Security forums hacked! (TidbitsForTechs)

Did a famous rapper hack Craigslist? (Gizmodo)

Sony Pictures profoundly hacked by #GOP (TechWorm)

ISIS hashtag-squats Halifax security conference (ChronicleHerald)

Cyberwar is bullshit (TheVerge)

The Strange Case of the Vanishing KKK Attack on an Anon (Batcountry)

FCC AMA DOA (Reddit)

GCHQ outsources spying on you to your ISP (Bloomberg)

Google to offer free Web service to Austin public housing residents (Statesman)

Admiral who was #2 in charge of nukes caught playing with counterfeit poker chips (AP)

Allowing surveillance could hurt intelligence (DefenseOne)

How permanent stress may lead to mental disorders (Kurzweil)

Male-Female cohesion in the military: yes, it is possible (WarOnTheRocks)

Robot exoskeleton lets paralyzed Marine stand up to receive Bronze Star (StarsAndStripes)

Piracy monetization firm sued for abuse (TorrentFreak)

Around 70% of Bitcoins are not in circulation (CoinDesk)

US Cybersecurity Practices Fail To Keep Pace With Cyber Adversaries (HSToday)

Some State Secrets Cases Are a Secret, Govt Says (FAS)

Derptrolling hack of Playstation full of derp (Guardian)

A hard look at Brazil’s kidnapping industry (WarIsBoring)

Navy sysadmin was secret hacktivist (C4ISRNET)

A struggle for the soul of Hong Kong’s protest movement (NYT)

Frickin’ laserbeams to be discontinued: GET YOURS NOW (TheRegister)


Featured Image Spitfires and Hurricanes Flying in Formation Over Lincolnshire by the UK Ministry of Defence on Flickr


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