Inside an Ottawa Mosque’s fight against radicalism

A very interesting look inside a mosque’s efforts to stay moderate in the face of assumptions from one side of the fence and active insurgency from the other.

Global News

OTTAWA – Two days after Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and then stormed Parliament Hill, Mohammed Mostefa gave a sermon at the Assunnah Muslims Association mosque in Ottawa denouncing any activities that hurt Canadians.

The alleged reaction from one regular member of the congregation to the sermon shocked the room.

According to Mostefa, Luqman Abdunnur stood up in the middle of the room and called Bibeau a shaheed, which in Arabic means “martyr.”

“I’m not exaggerating that half of the congregation stood up, the reaction was so negative from the congregation – we were scared that they might assault him,” he said.

[tp_video id=1684189]

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Mostefa says another member of the congregation – a police officer – took Abdunnur to the side and tried to calm him while the authorities were called.


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