Of Course There’s An App For Getting Medical Marijuana Delivered To Your Doorstep In L.A.

And you’d BETTER BELIEVE that the DEA is very interested in their customer list, so get your paperwork in order before trying this out.


As marijuana becomes legal in a growing list of states, whether recreationally or for medical reasons, it would make sense that consumers living in those areas would turn to technology to get the products they want. After all, who actually calls the delivery place on the phone to get dinner anymore? Calling a cab, how quaint! So to fill that technology need, a California company has set its app up to offer medical marijuana delivery.

The smartphone app comes from a company called NestDrop that started delivery alcohol via smartphones in California, reports USA Today, using in-app ordering and payment process, unlike other services that use mobile sites.

Lest any sneaky consumers think they can trick an innocent delivery person into bringing them drugs they shouldn’t legally have, the app will only work for Los Angeles-area customers who upload a photo of their ID, medical marijuana card or doctor’s…

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  1. I want the app in England,lol


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