Drones Are the Hot New Frontier For Top Law Firms

Lawyers spoil everything. Why not drones too?


(Photo via Getty) (Photo via Getty)

At the rate we’re going, drones are going to be a part of everything. Forget wedding photography and earth-porn GoPro videos — major real estate firms, agriculture companies and delivery giants are looking at small fleets of quadcopters for the future of their business. Unfortunately, no one understands exactly how to do that right now without running afoul of the Federal Aviation Administration.

This week, massive international law firm Hunton & Williams opened their “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Unit,” which is basically a small legal task force for helping Hunton’s clients — which include titanic institutions in energy and finance — deal with slowly incorporating drones into the way they do business. Hunton clients have been coming to them often enough to ask for advice that they need to dedicate full-time resources to drone-specific issues.

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3 replies

  1. Just another skeet target looks like to me


    • There are actually laws around whether and where you can shoot down drones. I’ve got a paper to review on the legal responses to intrusion by robots. Quite fascinating stuff. I just need the time to read the 60 pages. After I finish this 500 page book I’m reviewing.


      • However you don’t know some of the crazies I have worked with and known over the years – they would just look at bagging a drone as a bit of a challenge – probably have a competition to see who could bag the most drones


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