Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 14

power mast framework

power mast framework

T to the GIF, kittens! Another week (wifi-less, no less) done at Cryptosphere Global HQ, currently located in a hive of feminist subversion and mayhem, a mere otter’s toss from the Pacific on beauteous and internet-deprived Vancouver Island. Come Monday we’ll be back at our regular base, coincidentally also within reach of a truly ambitious tsunami.

Not that we want to give anyone ideas, you understand.

But it’s not really, officially, a weekday in the English-speaking world until you’ve digested your morning news, so here it is in one easily-digested chunk. Except that Adrian Chen article on Anonymous. That’s pretty undigestible if you axe me, which I note you did not I’m just sayin’, but then that’s almost certainly because you hadn’t heard about it till I told you, so there is that.

Whatever that is.

THIS is news.

Tea Partiers cannot wait for shit to go down in Ferguson (ConservativeTribune)

Leaked Info Reveals Police and Military Response Planned For Upcoming Ferguson Verdict Protests (CounterCurrent)

Kotaku is touched in its no-no hole by the skeevy Sarkeesian stalker (Kotaku)

Blood on the Tracks in Pullman: Chicagoland’s Failed Capitalist Utopia (Paleofuture)

Heat Your House with Someone Else’s Computers (IEEE)

Jeremy Hammond speaks out from prison (AP via Techworm)

Microsoft will fix no bug before its time, but 19 years is a leettle long (BBC)

Son of Stuxnet: The Hunt for Duqu (TheIntercept)

Irish Water Meter Fairies fight the power (TheJournal)

190 pedophiles exposed by Anonymous’ #OpDarknet (AnonHQ)

Rise of the Robot Security Guards (MIT)

Sheeple No More! Public Increasingly Wary of the NSA, Poll Finds (DefenseOne)

Google insists American law applies only to Americans in America. Expect White House to fold in 3…2…1… (Google)

Study of the day: Pew: Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era (PewInternet)

I$I$ bankers free to operate without sanctions or blacklist (FP)

Obama’s Deadly Informants: The Drone Spotters of Pakistan (DailyBeast)

Pentagon goes cyberpunk with wearables (StarsAndStripes)

The rise of the Feral Adversary (WarOnTheRocks)

Hollywood to make Eric Prince of Blackwater seem human (Variety)

Kim Dotcom’s lawyers turn on him, lay a damnatio memoriae on him (TorrentFreak)

BoE gets off Scot-free (Dealbook)

Russian malware BlackEnergy infiltrates critical US infrastructure (HSToday)

A permanent infrastructure for a permanent war (TomDispatch)

Ontario Police Inspector Says He Wants A ‘Driver’s License For The Internet’ (TechDirt)

Cameras talk to each other to identify, track people (Kurzweil)

The quandary of shutting down Jihadi social media (HomelandSecurity)

Obama and the Convention Against Torture (CounterPunch)

Someone reports a cybercrime. Now what? (PDF! Infogram)

Prison profiteering banisters cut rates after exposure (PublicIntegrity)

Navy SEALs sure love their quiet pistols (WarIsBoring)

Can Fusion Energy Be Obtained Without the Death Star? (SingularityHub)

Facebook will SELL YOU to advertisers – and it’s trying hard to hide that (TheRegister)

Like Doge, ISIS has its own currency (CNN)


Featured Image Power Mast Framework by Markus Grossalber on Flickr

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