Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for Dec 22

Star Wars Rickroll via Steve Stevenson on Facebook

Star Wars Rickroll via Steve Stevenson on Facebook

Did you have a happy solstice kittens? We got a very special solstice present: banned from posting in Fedbook groups for 24 hours. I think with the time we’ll save we can take up crocheting yurts or learning dead languages, or maybe even finally learning how to code.

Nah, we’ll just use it to find more tasty news for y’all!

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Security (SocialHax)

U.S. Cold War Nuclear Target Lists Declassified for First Time (NSArchive)

Virtual Reality’s Killer App: Taking Over Your Social Life (IEEE)

Hello yes this is Bruce: Australia’s bungling spies dialled wrong numbers and bugged wrong phones (SMH)

How to block spam in Skype and customize the chat (MakeUseOf)

Pete Seeger’s FBI file (MotherJones)

Mapping Police Violence: the end of year report (MappingPoliceViolence)

Activists face serious charges following shut down of Enbridge Line 9 (JustWords)

How Police Dogs Are Turned Into Cybernetic Hunters (Motherboard)

US power grid vulnerable to foreign hacks (AP)

Homeless New Yorkers To Sue City Over Destruction Of Birth Certificates, Medication, IDs In East Harlem Raid (Gothamist)

The world of threats to the US is an illusion (BostonGlobe)

Are US academics who cite WikiLeaks blackballed? (Crikey)

From the “Okayyyyy” files: When Authors Demand Payment for Every Copy They Advocate Communism by Rick Falkvinge (Torrentfreak)

Bank of America gets Twitter to delete journalist’s joke, says he violated copyright (ArsTechnica)

An Overview of Cryptography (LinkedIn)

The real danger with state spy trojans (Hax)

TacoTrolling: the best troll of the day belongs to Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos

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