Installing new governance

“If someone at your dinner table starts speaking into a bullhorn, removing it is not censorship. The bullhorn was censoring everyone else.” Another profound, pithy, and powerful post from Cryptosphere contributor Heather Marsh.

Heather Marsh

The world we live in is still mostly governed by a ponzi scheme of power, wealth and celebrity. Those at the top of the ponzi scheme are standing on nothing but the world’s acceptance of their right to be there. This acceptance is coerced from the billions of people below by presentation and control of information. As soon as enough people realize the emperors have no clothes, it will collapse with incredible speed.


The five eyes empire has existed in a large part due to thought control through media ownership. The right to free speech was stolen from people, who are called trolls if they use their newfound voices, and perverted into a freedom for the powerful corporate press to overwhelm the voices of the people. NGOs force sovereign nations to allow huge corporate megaphones control of the presentation of information to their own populations. The only alternative that could compete in the…

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