Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for November 13

The Darth Vader Artificial Intelligence Project

The Darth Vader Artificial Intelligence Project

It’s Thursday, kittens! All! Damn! Day! So you’d better start getting used to it. Pour yourself a Venti instead of a Grande and strap in for the next few hours of existential torture.

Hmmmm. Maybe I had better switch to chamomile tea. And yoga.

In any case, kittens, here are some bulletproof news links with which to gird your loins, should you be short of loincloths and feeling the nip of winter in these parts. These ones, right here…oh, where’d they go?


Minesweeper, Anyone? Hacker Installs Windows 98 on an iPhone 6 (Yahoo)

A Hacker Built a Dark Net Version of the FBI Tip Line (Motherboard)

Does social media really encourage action for Gaza? (ARoomOfOurOwn)

Automatically decrypt the Zeus Trojan (TrendMicro)

New Tool TorBan Helps Monitor Bitcoin-Over-Tor Attacks (CoinDesk)

Barclay’s backs out of bankster plea coalition (Dealbook)

Cyborg Cockroaches Could Aid First Responders In Disaster Relief Efforts (HSToday)

Federal Judge Says Public Has Right To Know About FBI’s Biometric Database, Awards $20,000 In Legal Fees To FOIA Requester (TechDirt)

An Interview With Kurdish Guerrilla Leader Cemil Bayik (CounterPunch)

Ukraine’s army struggles to deal with the wounded (WarIsBoring)

Easiest way to put the kibosh on a promising US Intelligence career? Trash talk Chinese hackers (C4)

XMED: Meet Bionic Amputee, Nigel Ackland (SingularityHub)

Musician Plays an Actual Keyboard Cat (TheAtlantic)

xkcd live-cartoons the comet probe landing (xkcd)

Bill Clinton wishes he’d gotten away with murder (WaPo)

ISPs are stripping encryption from netizens’ email – EFF (TheRegister)

Report: Targeted digital threats against civil society organizations (HelpNet)


Featured Image the Darth Vader Artificial Intelligence Network by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE on Flickr

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