Massive Comcast Outage Appears To Be Striking Nationwide (Update)

Possibly related to the previous story? Co-ordinated attacks on cloud based services like BoA internet banking and Comcast’s X1 could have the same effect as bombing bridges, although the downtime is in hours instead of months.


(Consumerist) (Consumerist)
It seems like today is a bad day for Comcast subscribers who are fans of daytime TV, as the company appears to be in the midst of a large-scale television outage.

According to the incredibly handy site, Comcast Xfinity customers all over the nation, but especially concentrated in the northeast corridor between Boston and Washington, DC, are seeing outages.

Several hours ago, the @ComcastCares twitter account posted, “We are aware of the service issue affecting X1 customers. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

That tweet would seem to imply that the affected customers are all using Comcast’s newer, cloud-based, X1 platform.

A Comcast representative posted about a set of errors affecting X1 customers back on Saturday, but it’s unclear if or how those are related to the current outage.

When asked about the outage, a Comcast spokesperson told Consumerist, “We are aware of outage issues that…

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