Bank Of America Says Online Banking Has Been Restored After Outage

Have you got your alibi in place, kittens? BoA has been a leading hacker and hacktivist target for years. WikiLeaks still has what they call the BoA files.


(epicharmus) (epicharmus) After Bank of America customers complained this afternoon of not being able to access their accounts online for a few hours, the bank said the issue has been fixed.

Customers complained about being locked out earlier today, reports the Charlotte Observer, heading to social media to air their frustrations.

In the meantime, BofA posted a notice on its website acknowledging the problem and notifying customers that online banking was temporarily unavailable, as well as issuing statements on Facebook and Twitter that customers could have a hard time using online and mobile banking.

Service to the site was restored around 2 p.m.

This follows a recent snafu that saw some BofA customers getting charged twice when using Apple Pay connected cards.

Bank of America says online banking available again [Charlotte Observer]

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