Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 24th

make tracks

make tracks

We made it to Friday, kittens! At times it was a tough haul, but we made it. Time for a stimulating beverage and a look at today’s cyber and crypto news links.

Met pays £425,000 to mother of undercover policeman’s child (BBC)

Distinguishing Acts of War in Cyberspace (StefanoMele)

SEC establishes internal cybersecurity working group (InsideCybersecurity)

Marine murder case reveals US-Philippine sore spot (AP)

The mystery of the disappearing Silk Road murder charges (DailyDot)

Why the US Needs a Strategy To Counter ‘Hybrid Warfare’ (DefenseOne)

Data Mining Reveals How News Coverage Varies Around the World (MIT)

Operation Pawn Storm: Varied targets and attack vectors, next-level spear-phishing tactics (HelpNet)

In the next four weeks, 100 people will decide the future of the web (TheRegister)

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed (Wired)

Chess piece survival rates, quantified (PriorProbability)

Will cosmic rays threaten Mars One, other deep-space astronaut projects? (KurzweilAI)

The U.S. Air Force Is Tearing Down a Giant Spy Antenna (WarIsBoring)

Publisher of Spam Nation gets hacked (Krebs)

The Rise Of OSINT In Threat Intelligence Analysis (HSToday)

The Anonymous Cryptocurrency Arms Race (DeepDotWeb)

Rightwinger wants to form conservative southern nation with no gays or Hispanics and call it “Reagan” (DangerousMinds)

Romanian Princess Irina Walker Sentenced For Cockfighting (HuffPo)

Could Allen Stanford go free? Convicted fraudster appeals (CNBC)

Hackers vs Scorpion: Walter O’Brien Responds to Scrutiny of Real-Life Claims Fuelling TV’s “Scorpion” (FastCo)

The Sabu Files (SabuFiles)

Vietnam police hunt hackers behind mass outage (Computerworld)


Featured Image East byAndreina Schoeberlein on Flickr

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